New SERPRobot Site Ready For Action!

1st November, 2020

The all new version of SERPRobot is coming - You can checkout the preview version now.

SERPRobot is finally getting a new look and tons of new features are in the pipeline.

Checkout the preview version now

For an extended time the old interface will still be available whilst we work to port over the very last features.

If you would like more information or have any feedback then just email us as usual on


4th June, 2018

In December we were notified by a company that they had registered our name "SERPLAB" as a trademark in the UK and informed us that we needed to stop using it!

After getting legal advice we decided that rather than risk the service in a long legal dispute possibly costing 1000's of $ and countless hours of stress over just a name, it would make more sense to focus on important things (like finishing the final version) and agreed to rebrand.

As of the 7th of June we will be changing to the domain and our name will switch to SERPROBOT - Everything else will stay the same!

We will be redirecting anyone who visits so even if you forget you will still be able to find us :-)

All APIs will continue to work on the old domain ( and on the new one so your existing integrations won't break and will not need updating.

If you would like more information then just email us as usual on (soon to be